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Take Shape For Life is more than a weight-loss plan. Ours is a program for healthy living that will change you for good. Your free Health Coach guides you with the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan to lose weight quickly and safely, while helping you learn the healthy habits to keep the weight off.

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Weight Loss, Maintenance, Healthy Eating

With Take Shape For Life, you'll master the ability to:
• Create health in your life through good nutrition, proper sleep, ample exercise, and successful stress-reduction techniques.
• Transform your world into a supportive environment where healthy habits can grow and thrive.
• Identify unhealthy patterns and triggers, and choose to stay true to your health goals.
• Cultivate the Habits of Health—step-by-step, one day at a time—to replace those habits of disease that make us ill, overweight, and unhappy.
• Grow a healthier you with techniques proven to be successful by people who have maintained a healthy weight for years after going on the Program.

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